A partnership from TwtMob to Speakr
The relationship with Speakr began back when they still called themselves TwtMob, a simple Twitter influencer marketplace. It’s evolved into a strong partnership where we are deeply involved in every strategic decision being made and helping them execute from marketing through product.

Securing Strategic Partners and Investment

January 2014 – May 2014

Without a design team in-house, TwtMob relied heavily on Hyperion Media to set the tone for sales presentations and build a consistent brand that appealed to their Fortune 500 clients.

Partnerships with Microsoft, Samsung, Dr. Pepper and Universal
Closed on $3M in funding

Crafting a New Brand Image

May 2014 – June 2014

With a fresh round of funding secured, Hyperion Media helped TwtMob become Speakr more than just a name, but a brand that their influencers could identify with.

Solidifying the Partnership

December 2014 – Present

With such a deep understanding of their business, Helios Consulting joined Speakr’s product team. We were instrumental in helping build the front end of an enterprise-grade platform that enabled clients to directly create campaigns, manage influencers, track results and push out reports for senior management.