The complete package... from idea to launch
The concept for Bizly had been spinning around the CEOs mind for quite some time. When he approached us about helping launch a mobile app, we were thrilled – it solved a major pain point in our lives and we knew we could apply that thinking into building an incredible company.

Laying the Groundwork

January 2015 – February 2015

Bizly as a name evokes the sound of bumblebees as people are swarming around from meeting to meeting. To bring this motif to life, we created their brand as an homage to the bumblebee with a subtle stinger in the B.

Creating a One of a Kind Product

February 2015 – Present

The mobile app was the centerpiece of the business and it had to be tailor made for the on-the-go professional. As a result, the entire experience from start to finish can happen in seconds, from discovery to booking – all they have to do is check in.

Connecting the Dots

April 2015 – Present

Behind the scenes, hotels needed a way to manage their profile on the app. We designed a hotel-centric admin panel that completed this seamless workflow, from managing rooms and services to tracking bookings.

Completing the Experience

July 2015 – Present

Ahead of their launch, Bizly needed a website that felt as premium as its product and we delivered. It’s the culmination of everything they stand for – luxury, simplicity, and ease of use.